The serious messages of movies, hidden beneath humor these days

I was recently reading an article about the movie industry having a tough time in this economic environment, as is everyone else, but in a different way. They are having a tough time delivering the dramas and serious movies because in this environment people want to be entertained in a happy way, life can be heavy why pay for some movie that can make it heavier. This is always been my motto so I pretty much stick to the chick flicks and light movies. But now they are taking the light movies and putting some serious messages under the surface which you aren’t aware of until you are smack dab in the middle of it. Two examples, bear with me, they are a little aged since I use Red Box instead of going to the theatre. Anyway, I watched “New In Town”, labeled a romantic comedy, Renee Z and Harry C., thought it would be nice. Well, especially in this layoff environment, it could be quite depressing, they do revive it with a entrepreneurial twist and fight for what you believe in theme and it ends up good in the end but wow, the road to get there could be rough, and the story is ringing true for so many in the Midwest right now. Then “Confessions of a Shopaholic”, I thought it would be a cute comedy, especially since I am so not the shopping type, this movie had serious undertones of addiction and debt and could really knock you in the teeth if the characters’ tendencies rang true in your life. I could not relate, since I am not a shopper, but to think if others had these issues in their lives, wow, could be some heavy stuff. So be ready, what you think you are buying in a movie, may just be on the surface and you may be in for a more serious message.


~ by debt2dreams on June 28, 2009.

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