PotLuck your way through the summer

Hey we know everyone’s belt is tightening but that shouldn’t stop our enjoyment or entertainment. Have those gatherings, you know people are always asking, “what can I bring?” Take them up on it. Either request people to bring their “specialty” or assign things to make sure everything is covered. It really is fun to have a mix of things. But make sure you don’t end up with snacks and dessert. Bust out the catagories.

Main (for cookout, meat/buns)

What I usually do is offer up what is missing after everyone else picks. I take a look in the freezer, from brats/sausage that I bought on sale. An economic way to do fruit is to buy red grapes and add to canned tropical fruit salad, looks great and probably less than 1/2 the price of a fresh fruit salad, or seasonal fruit, ie melons. Deviled eggs are always fairly easy to make, cheap and always a winner. I know I always go for the deviled eggs at a potluck and that is one dish that goes fast. Also, I always have brownies in the pantry and can whip up a batch.


~ by debt2dreams on June 24, 2009.

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