Tennis Ball Dryer Tip…..Does it work?

Okay so I read in a “green” article to use clean tennis balls in your dryer to speed drying and fluff up items, does anyone know if this works? I believe I have heard this before but I don’t know the concept behind it actually is able to speed up drying.

Please enlighten me if you know, hey maybe I will take my own advice and google it 🙂


~ by debt2dreams on June 12, 2009.

One Response to “Tennis Ball Dryer Tip…..Does it work?”

  1. So I googled it, and I got a lot of “that is what Grandma did”, and no it doesn’t make your stuff smell like a tennis ball. The concept I picked up on was that it added more pockets of air within the load that made the drying process speed up. We have a ton of Racquetballs but no Tennis Balls, will have to hunt some down, and test this theory.

    If anyone knows anything more, chime in.

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