Prescription Drugs-be an informed consumer

I have to share this experience with you so you can learn from it and hopefully do the same thing, if everyone became more aware of what was happening and asked the right questions, we may see some of the crazy deductibles and co-pays go down, I know wishful thinking but I figured I would do my part and help you become an informed consumer.

So here is what happened. My daughter got a rash; we had to get this topical cream to put on it so it would go away. Well my husband picked it up and it was a $30 co-pay, regular medicine is the $30 while generic is $10. Because we are a fairly healthy family and don’t go to the Dr. often nor have prescriptions, he was not familiar with the co-pays. Well the lotion that was to be used on the “fairly common” skin condition, according to the Dr., was $344, yes I said that right. Well immediately I called the Dr., she was not aware that it was that expensive. She said she would call in a generic; found out that particular lotion did not have a generic, so I said there had to be something else that could be used. After several calls and trips to the pharmacy we got it straightened out. We went from a $344 cream to a $27 cream. Now the real test I guess is to see if it works, the Dr. said she was fairly sure that it would work just fine.

Lesson learned, the Dr. may not realize the price of the drugs they are prescribing, so you need to ask those questions, when you go into fill it or pick it up, ask the questions. Is this the generic form? If there isn’t a generic form is there a reasonable substitute? Get the Dr. and the pharmacy involved; make yourself an active participant in this process.

You are probably saying, why is she worrying about it, she only has to pay the co-pay…..ah that is what they are counting on, the belief that someone else will be picking up that huge price tag, but truly it is hurting everyone if we take that attitude through higher premiums, deductibles and co-pays. And this is not an isolated incident, I did this after my Dad’s surgery and my Mom has had to do it recently as well, but in their case it is complete out of pocket…ouch.

~ by debt2dreams on June 11, 2009.

One Response to “Prescription Drugs-be an informed consumer”

  1. 06.21.09–just as a follow up, the generic cream has worked just fine and the rash has disappeared. I am going to call the Dr. as well to inform them that the generic worked fine for us. Maybe they will think twice prior to prescribing the $344 cream over the $27 stuff that works just fine.

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