Use Google for home repairs….I have been suprised at the advice that is out there

As they always say, there are so many joys of home ownership, haha. Well we have had our share of “joy” in our household lately, and surprisingly, I have used Google on 2 separate occasions for appliance fixes, I just put my problem in and it came up with some great solutions. My first issue was for my stove that it was making a clicking noise and the second was my Frig that was leaking all over my floor. Both times, I just tried to pull it up on google and wahla, I got some great answers and solutions. The stove was a pretty easy one, Thank God! Then the frig, well it has been leaking for months and the frustration level was getting higher every day. After I conquered the stove, I said, why not try to fix the frig, well it was a 2 person project, my husband and I probably worked on it for 1.25 hours, it definitely was a team effort, that should be some sort of spouse test, but I believe we passed since we were doing high five’s and hugs after we fixed it and we saved ourselves probably a $180 service call. Keep in mind neither my husband nor myself are handy people but the magic of the internet and the information out there is pretty powerful. So next time before you go lunging for the phone and number for the service man, maybe try your hand and google it, see what you can do.

~ by debt2dreams on June 3, 2009.

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