Clean up those gift cards, you will be suprised what you may find

So I am trying to clean up things and organize before the summer hits and my son is off from school. Well I was going through my desk drawer and came across an envelope of gift cards, so I had a stack, not knowing what was on them or expired, or if they were empty cards, I know, bad, I am not practicing what I preach. Recently, we have gotten in a good habit of using gift cards, if we receive them, right away or they may get lost in the gift card black hole….well at least mine were in an envelope. We got a few nice suprises, cleaned out all the old used up cards, we actually found some AMC gift cards my husband had received from work, years ago, we hadn’t used them since the local AMC theatre had closed and turned into Regal or Cobb. Well low and behold we pulled those cards out, looked up that there is an AMC theatre in Downtown Disney, we can make it a day for the kids, and pull in a movie, and there may be few bucks on it left for concessions.

So who knew we were going to make a day outing out of my cleaning, without having to fork out a bunch of money and now the cards won’t go to waste. So dig in those drawers/cabinets/cars and pull out all those half used, forgotten cards and see what hidden treasures you may find.


~ by debt2dreams on May 30, 2009.

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