How to get water spots off your glass shower stall

So I was complaining to a friend about my glass shower stall and the water spots, if you have a glass shower stall you know what I am talking about. We used to squeegee the glass after every shower, well somehow that habit went to the wayside and I was back to the old ugly spots. I was saying I couldn’t remember what I used, like soft scrub and a green scratchy or something. She said just use dishwasher detergent(like Cascade or whatever you have in the house for the dishwasher), the stuff that is supposed to have the “sheeting action” and doesn’t cause water spots….well hello, that is the problem with my shower stall. She said it lasts for months after you use it as well. I tested the theory this AM, and it works, now we will have to see if it lasts for months, but either way the shower looks good now.


~ by debt2dreams on May 27, 2009.

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