New Interesting Diet Tip that could help you with your Money….

I was reading this article about tricks to help you lose weight. As I have said in the past, the weight loss tips are usually transferrable to Money Management. Don’t laugh, the article I read again re-enforced this theory, read on and I will prove it.

The first thing was to not only make a written diary of what you eat/spend, make it a photo journal of what you eat/spend. They suggested a phone camera convenience to achieve this. It makes you think twice prior to eating/spending, because you have to record it digitally prior to taking action. After doing this for a week, you can review and see where all your money is going. Let me give you a couple of examples. Take a picture of those shoes before purchase, with the price tag, etc. Take a picture of that restaurant you are walking into and menu. Then you will have a better idea where that money is going.

The next thing they discussed was the weekend effect. Where we may do so well during the week, probably because we are working, but on the weekends we go crazy with eating/spending. Now it is not realistic not to spend on the weekend, but you could set yourself a limit and be mindful of that limit as you go through your weekend. Again the photo journal of purchases can help as well as the Money Tracker, the simple tool we use if we want to reel in our expenses. They discussed in the article how important it is to track what is happening, to make you more aware of what is going on. This really helps you get a handle on where your money is being spent.

If anyone tries the photo journal technique, let us know how it goes.


~ by debt2dreams on May 26, 2009.

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