Cash-for-clunkers coming to the USA?

You may or may not have heard about a program Germany had started where the govt would give vouchers for people who would trade in cars at least 9 years old. Well such a program is trying to get passed here in the USA. They are hoping to get the program up and running by September, thinking that this would really boost us out of the recession, help the auto industry and the environment. It all sounds good but where is the proposed $3500-$4500 coming from for each vehicle? I guess the debate at this point is what will qualify for the voucher, some are fighting for just 4 MPG improvement over your current vehichle, others are fighting for the standard, around 27 MPG for cars, and 24 for trucks, I say go with the big bang for your buck and go with the standards. I guess bad timing for us personally, we have had to replace our 10 year old vehicles in the past few years, maybe we would have hung on a little longer if we would have known this was coming. So if you can hang on, try to, it may keep a little more money in your pocket.


~ by debt2dreams on May 6, 2009.

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