What would a well stocked pantry look like?

I got this email and link from a friend, it is a great starter list, I don’t even use some of that stuff and couldn’t possibly find uses for some of the items, but it does give you some ideas for meals when you are looking through circulars and sale items, it helps to stock up on sale items, it can save you money and make meals that you otherwise couldn’t do without a stocked pantry. And I would agree there are lots of items on the list that can be filler items that could help you whip up a meal under 10 minutes.

My friend wrote:

One of the blogs that I subscribe to:


I printed this list. Gonna keep it in my grocery shopping area so that I can watch for these items in bogos and such.

So enjoy, and if you come across this kind of stuff, please forward so we can help others find good resources like this.


~ by debt2dreams on April 26, 2009.

One Response to “What would a well stocked pantry look like?”

  1. I do this! Jack thinks I have a “problem” I say I am prepared for any meal any day and for less money. Maybe the “problem” is when my homemade canned spaghetti sauce is running low and the store stuff goes on sale for $1/can I buy 10 cans!

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