Easy and Cheap Pork Roast Meal, plus additional meal ideas

So Shoulder Pork Roast was on sale this week for $.99 per lb., we hadn’t had a pork roast in a while so I figured I would pick one up. It was a big one, so I cut some of it off and put it in a ziploc freezer bag and put in freezer to use for another meal. The rest I put in slow cooker, with 2 cans gravy, if you mix a chicken and a beef gravy it makes a quick pork flavor version, (a trick Mom taught me). Then added some water seasoning salt, garlic salt and pepper, add onion and mushrooms if you want, I was too lazy to do it this am. Anyway, the house smelled fantastic all day. I microwaved a can of corn(of course in a glass bowl), I had it in my pantry and my son loves corn, and whipped up some boxed mashed potatoes, I know quite a few short cuts, I put it together in less than 10 minutes and everything was in the pantry. I then used the juice from the meat, heated on the stove to boiling, added the flour water mixer, to thicken. Needed a bit more so I added some mashed potato flakes, another trick Mom taught me. Anyway, the meal was delicious, the meat was melt in your mouth tender, it was well balanced and the entire family ate it.

Now since it was such a big roast I have extra cooked meat, so I can either make a pork fried rice (I use the sunbird mix in an envelope) and follow instructions, I usually use mixed frozen vegetables and I go generous on the meat and vegs. Or I can make BBQ pork sandwiches for a quick meal, with chips and apple sauce (can you tell I have small children). Anyway all ingredients are in the house so no extra shopping. I throw spag in between pork meals and maybe tacos(ground chuck on sale $1.99 per lb–got 5lbs and broke it into ziploc freezer bags and threw it in the freezer) another night and wala….a week’s worth of meals. Oh and I forgot to add, I had extra gravy and juice left in the slow cooker, I put that in a ziploc container and will put in freezer next to the extra piece of pork I had froze and I won’t have to use any cans of gravy for the slow cooker next time, it already has great flavor.


~ by debt2dreams on April 25, 2009.

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