Next Rebalance Date–Be Aware of this feature….

I wanted to give everyone a heads up. My husband and I were looking at his 401K plan on-line, and a new line popped up…. Next Rebalance Date 6.30.09…..whoa, way, what is this? I am not quite sure what they defaulted us too, but we promptly turned off that feature and am now in a “Not Active” status for this Next Rebalance Date area. I am one of those conservative people that want to sleep at night and don’t want to be watching the market go up and down on a whims notice for no real good reason, so we dumped our entire portfolio into the “Stable” category, we are at a whopping 1.2% return for the year but at least we know we have done everything we can to protect our 401K from the fluctuations of today’s market. Anyway, watch your plans, make sure you understand what you have for a mix and if you are happy with the mix you have, make sure there are no system defaults that may change what you have established for your mix.

Does anyone have more info on this Next Rebalance Date feature and what it actually does once that day comes?


~ by debt2dreams on April 24, 2009.

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