Action/Response Needed or FYI (For Your Information) Email

I just read Brilliant Carat #94 Escape from E-Jail – The Alcatraz of Productivity, by Simon T. Bailey, about E-mail Jail. He brought up an excellent suggestion on how to assist people receiving your email and to help others filter through email faster. By labeling your email Action or Response Needed or FYI in your subject line along with the title of the email, people can quickly sift through and respond faster. Wow, if everyone signed up for this program life would get drastically more efficient and much less overwhelming, you could breeze through and see exactly what was needed and what was just stuff to be filed for future reference.

Pretty cool, start this trend at your place of work and see if it helps your email chaos. Let us know how it works.


~ by debt2dreams on April 16, 2009.

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