Passive Barriers-Defined

So I was reading a fabulous article by Ramit with, where he talks about passive barriers and how they stop us from doing important things. Passive Barriers surround us in everyday living, service companies thrive on them and we don’t do the important things in our lives due to all sorts of passive barriers around us. So what are they you may ask? Passive Barriers are different than physical barriers in the sense that they don’t physically exist, it is a psychological stop point that is in our head that makes us not do something. Ramit brings up fascinating points in the article that range from email to exercise. It all revolves around us not doing something for silly reasons that we should be able to blow through in a heartbeat but most of the time it stops us dead in our tracks. This article was an “Ah-Ha” moment for me. In my financial organizing business the first thing a client has to do, which is also the hardest part in the process, is to fill out a worksheet that puts all their money stuff on one sheet……. HUGE PASSIVE BARRIER!!! Who wants to sit down and tackle such a thing, it can be very difficult to face and I usually encourage people to do a few items a day…..still daunting. So I had a new client last week and I did an interview style conversation and filled out the paperwork, some of it we will have to tweak and get exact numbers later, but the Passive Barrier is knocked down, the hard work is already done. Now I get to do my thing and we can move onto the good stuff of me helping them organize and rearrange their finances and maximize their cash flow without the pain of that HUGE first step. Help them see that there is light at the end of their financial tunnel….and it is not a train! The article then goes on to give you an exercise, jotting down 10 things you want to get done/haven’t gotten done. Then next to each of those items, ask the question why? Answer the question, and then ask why again? Then ask why again, until you get to the silly root cause reason why you don’t do something. OMG, another AH-HA moment, it is almost embarrassing to go through this exercise and see some of the reasons you don’t do stuff.

So be aware of those Passive Barriers floating all around us, and take steps to knock them down before they get the best of us.

Source: The Psychology of Passive Barriers: Why Your Friends Don’t Save Money, Eat Healthier, or Clean Their Garages


~ by debt2dreams on March 30, 2009.

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