How to make it cooler in the house….

My dad told me to do this years ago and I never did it, I said it doesn’t really make a difference, well now I am a believer. I have been doing research (I know so what else is new), on solar attic fans, etc. My Dad again chimed in that if I would open up my access door in the garage to the attic, not bring the ladder down or anything, just open it up, that would help the air movement along with the air coming through the eves that would then escape from the roof vents. Well I believe this is now helping the cooling affect since we put a temperature gauge up there, with the door shut it was running 130 or so, now opening it up it is still hot but cooler than it was, around 105-115. I know that still seems high but here in Florida that isn’t such a bad drop. There isn’t any “real” test that you can do since everyday is different but I guess it can’t hurt getting more air circulating in the attic.

So back to my attic fan research, the verdict is still out, Dad seems to think that the attic fan may pull hot air off the roof from the very large I would say 3-5 ft vents that are at the top of our roofs already, he doesn’t know if it will actually fight the current roof vent system or help it. Any thoughts anyone? Then the next question, would getting better insulated be a better cheaper solution? So far we have already decided the capacitor is the quickest, easiest, cheapest way to see a lowering of the electric bills (my 35 day test got me a 22% decrease about 10kwh per day for a savings of 300Kwh per month, I had to stop on the 36th day because I had to turn my AC on and it wouldn’t be an apples to apples comparison anymore). We are still on our quest to get our electric bills even lower but the break-even analysis has to make sense….

Anybody, have any ideas or thoughts to help us continue our quest to make it cheaper for us to live comfortably?

~ by debt2dreams on March 19, 2009.

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