Prime Rate flat-lined at 3.25% for the next 36 months?

This was interesting, I believe I have blogged about before, this is a website I look at to see what different things are doing. I signed up for a subscription so I have access to all the different metrics they have. Obviously I am interested in Prime Rate since that is what my equity line is tied to, but also the 1 yr treasury which is what my Mortgage ARM is tied too, along with the 30 yr fixed rate mortgage rate. I actually plot those on a chart and then do a difference chart from month to month. I know…I know, too many numbers. But it is very interesting to me to see how things are moving. Well I went out there mid-month as I always do to get the fresh data and I was shocked, they had been tracking that Prime was going to be 3.25% until June of 2010. After that it was going to stair step up gradually. This month it is flat-lined through the 36 month forecast at 3.25%, of course this changes every month, and that is why I monitor it as I do, but I am dying to know what caused them to change their forecast so drastically from last month to this month. Has anyone heard anything that would have made them change the forecast like that?

~ by debt2dreams on March 18, 2009.

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