Fastest and Best way to make Boneless BBQ Ribs

Okay so I like to do the fastest, most efficient way of doing things and if I can save some money I will. Well I am not a real big bone lover so my Mom turned me onto this years ago and we do it all the time. First you have to go to buy the boneless pork ribs, we get them at Sam’s, they run about 1.86 per lb, I know cheap huh. They usually come in 10 inch strips, we usually cut them in half but you don’t have to. Then you put them in a pot and put water over them so they are covered. Put them on the stove and crank up the heat, let them boil, once they hit a boil you can turn them down but continue the smaller boil, the fancy name for this is par-boiling. Now it can take awhile, depending on how much you are cooking. It can take 1.5 hrs if you have a lot, or less than an hour, how you check is to stick a fork in them, you cook them until fork tender, however tender you want, you can make them fall apart or a little more firm. Once you have hit the doneness you need, then take them out of the water, roll them in a bowl of BBQ sauce, throw them on the grill, roll them over a few times until you get the desired grilling, now remember they are completely cooked before they go on the grill, you just want the grill for the flavor. I do this when we have people over, we always get rave reviews and it is so easy to make.


~ by debt2dreams on March 11, 2009.

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