Check the unit price on the store shelves, not the actual price

This is a concept I automatically do but am still trying to teach my husband so I figured I better refresh everyone out there. When you are shopping groceries wither it be off the shelves or in the meat department, don’t look at the full price first. What you want to be looking at is the unit price, wither that is by the pound or oz or whatever. IE, 3.4 per oz vs 4.8 per oz, now the full price of the 4.8 item could be lower but you are actually going to paying more overall for it. You also have to be sensible, if you are not going to use 20 lbs of rice it doesn’t make sense to go ahead and buy a huge quantity to save a few dollars. With the companies getting tricky with sizing of packages, ie soda packs and ice cream (no you are not eating more, they have shrunk the package), the unit pricing is getting even more important to look at. That ice cream one is amazing; it looks just like it until you compare the oz, now all the ice cream makers have done it so you can’t even compare size you have to look at the unit price, which is the only true apples to apples comparison. The meat department can get tricky that way also, there is the net weight line item, and next to it is price per lb. then the total price. When looking for the sale item, you need to confirm you have the sale price listed so that the total price is calculated properly. Again, it can be tricky, so take your time and look, if you have questions, stop someone who works there and have them explain what to look at.


~ by debt2dreams on March 10, 2009.

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