Drink 8 Glasses of water a day…what does that have to do with money?

My husband laughs at me, I have been on this kick that I have to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, I swear by it, it can change your life.

feel tired….drink a glass of water
craving a soda….drink a glass of water
hungry….drink a glass of water
need to clear up your skin….drink a glass of water
unmotivated…drink a glass of water
don’t feel like exercising….drink a glass of water

Of course I have to look at the money aspect of everything. It all started when I read an article on the benefits of drinking water, it said that you will find that if you are fully hydrated, you will not crave drinks. Low and behold after I got into the habit of drinking water, I did not crave my Diet Sprite or Gatorade. It also cuts down on snacks. Boy that can lighten the grocery bill. I find when I don’t get my full 8 glasses (8oz) of water, that I am dying for something to drink for dinner and water won’t cut it. But if I drink my water all day, I will just drink my water with dinner and be fine. It is so weird. If only I could get my husband to do it…. But that also doesn’t mean go out and get bottled water, I get mine out of the frig door, the econo route.

Has anyone else tested this 8 glasses of water per day theory?


~ by debt2dreams on February 27, 2009.

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