Revisting The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

I am almost embarrassed to say I haven’t read 7 Habits for over 15 years ago, the first time being in graduate school getting my MBA , I had to do a presentation for a Management class. Ironically I graduated later that year, to join Corporate America, and come to find out the department I was working in was working through the book as well, so I got a very large dose of the book from two very different perspectives.

Why this book came to mind to me the other day was I heard someone saying they were stressing out about the govt stimulus package and everything going on with the banks and Wall Street. What came to mind was a concept I picked up in the 7 habits, I had to pull the book off my shelf to make sure I was correctly referencing it. Here goes, Being Proactive-Knowing the difference between the Circle of Influence and the Circle of Concern. The jest of the section was to say that the Circle of Concern (worries) should not be our focal point, since some of the factors in the circle of concern we have control of (personal finances) but others we don’t (ie, govt spending). The point being that we should be proactive and work on our Circle of Influence, taking care of our situation, in which we do have control and we can use that positive momentum to eventually grow our circle of influence. Since focusing on the Circle of Concern can be futile and will cause us to be dragged down and blaming others for the situation we are in, this thinking will get us nowhere. So Lessons learned, we need to focus on taking care of our situation and let someone else worry about saving the world 🙂 At least until we have ourselves under control.


~ by debt2dreams on February 26, 2009.

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