How to cut the electric bill by at least 20%

So I am really into energy efficiency and all that and I have been researching solar/wind, well I came across this website, and got on their mailing lists, read all the background, talked with my dad(retired electrician), hemmed and hawed about it for months. Well we decided to take the plunge and try out this Power-Save 1200 capacitor that is connected to your electric panel. Basically it draws electric at a slow pace and when you turn something on it draws from the capacitor at a higher rate but it still continues to steadily draw electricity, hence it doesn’t have spikes and pull more than it needs, that is where the inefficiency comes in. So in layman terms it is like a cruise control for your electric panel. I have been bursting and anxious for the results. We are testing it at a perfect time. I have gas hot water heater, heat source and cooking. So the electric right now is only running pool, lights, and appliances. So there are no variables for climate, I am not running AC nor heat, so it is an apples to apples comparison. That means my results will be even BIGGER when summer hits here in Florida and my AC is going. My results after 2.5 weeks. Last month, same conditions, 42 KWH per day, now I am running about 32.5 KWH, that is over 300 KWH per MONTH…WOW! That is pretty close to their estimated 25% savings quote. I am so excited. They say that the newer the home you won’t see as much improvement, I live in a 2003 house and I figured I wouldn’t see as much of an improvement. So for older homes, you may see even more of a savings.

The unit is $299, free shipping but you have to pay to get it installed, plus a few supplies needed to install it. So right now my last bill was $158, my next bill should be around $120, with $40 savings(without AC) it will take less than 10 months to re-coup the costs. That is AMAZING!! Then you can also write it as a tax deduction, you get 30% credit of all costs that are energy efficient upgrades up to $1500 total credit through 2010. So that is another $120 in your pocket. You can’t go wrong. So that brings the breakeven timeframe down to 7 months, not considering how much more I will save when those AC months kick in, taking into consideration that it may be down to 4-5 months. I know…way too many numbers, that is just the way my brain works.

So go check out the website. And if anyone has one of these already, let us know what your results are like.


~ by debt2dreams on February 23, 2009.

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