Some motivation for preparing your taxes….

Well, I know it is so hard to get motivated for doing your taxes. It is so easy to procrastinate….but just sit down and get them done you will feel so much better once you do them AND that money is just sitting in Uncle Sam’s pocket and not yours. OR if you owe, it is better to know now so you can prepare.

I am happy to report our tax return money was dropped into our account via auto deposit on the 10th business day after it was submitted electronically. So what are you waiting for??? That money was immediately made into a huge principle payment towards our equity line which is our highest interest rate at this time (3.25%), the mortgage is getting re-set to appr. 3.17% in a few weeks, so we are going back to paying the equity line. I know some great rates, right? That is why we are paying down as much as possible taking advantage of those rates while it lasts. I am sure going into 2011 they will start to rise so we want to take as much of a chunk out of them now as possible.


~ by debt2dreams on February 20, 2009.

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