Okay I am feeling empowered this AM. I was just out to this website. I was reading that President Obama is going to be speaking at/during the All-Star Basketball game about service and in the article it said that he will be encouraging everyone to be going to this website for opportunities in your area that you can help with. Well of course I had to jump right on and see what was going on in the neighborhood. As you may or may not know I have done and continue to do a lot of volunteering through church, the YMCA and now my son’s school. So I searched our zip code….low and behold there was absolutely nothing happening in our area. And you know me, I couldn’t let that happen, so I have now officially joined a national ranging website for my Kindergarten Teacher help at our local school. How exciting is that. I will keep you posted to let you know how it goes and if I actually have people contact me. Imagine if everyone could go out and create events and attend events locally to help others, that is pretty cool. I will be checking back to see what happens as we move forward and if more events are added.

If anyone knows of anyone that needs help with a project locally….tell them about this site. It was easy to navigate and easy to set up an event.

~ by debt2dreams on February 15, 2009.

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