A Valentine’s Day Boycott? Well not quite….

This was a commentary headline, I said, I need to read this. First of all it doesn’t sound good coming from a man, but he brought up good points that I cannot disagree with. I probably need to caveat this entry with the statement, that I also don’t believe in the holiday, in the commercial sense of flowers, jewelry, cards and candy. I believe it is a big waste of money and if you are in a loving relationship you don’t need one day but 365 days to show your love for one another. But that doesn’t mean you can’t throw some fun into the holiday without dropping a ton of cash. It is the small things that go a long way. Write a heartfelt note, cook a nice dinner, candles, wine (or sparkling grape juice), bubble bath, dress up in an outfit your loved one enjoys, love coupons, whatever makes your partner happy, that is the name of the game. It truly is the thought behind what is done for them. You could even set up some sort of scavenger hunt type of activities. I personally enjoy quiet time minus children. These are all fun things that can be done all year round and you don’t have to wait until Feb 14th to do them. So do something nice for your loved one, not because it is Valentine’s Day but because you love them.

Anyone else have other economical ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day?


~ by debt2dreams on February 12, 2009.

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