Are you paying banking fees?

This is something that I had forgotten about, some people are still paying banking fees, I switched banks years ago because of the monthly fees being charged. I guess I need to start asking clients this again since I got this email from one of my clients this AM….

I decided to get another checking account with a different debit card to use for my $390/week “allowance”, (the allowance is determined by answering questions on the input sheet that I give clients when I set them up, I don’t put people on budgets, they put themselves on budgets by answering my questions). Well, I went to Sun Trust and they asked me where I worked. When I replied that I worked at XXXXXXX, they said that made me qualified to have their top-of-the-line checking account that has no fees and no minimums whatsoever. This applies to both checking accounts.

Needless to say, I was very pleased with this and knew just who to tell that would appreciate it 🙂 That saves me about $14/month in service charges ($28 if you count both checking accounts now).

So if you are paying banking fees for a checking account, please take a few minutes to shop around, there are many banks that offer free checking, make sure they don’t charge by the number of checks written per month, walk-in deposits, and ATM withdrawls (I don’t use an ATM so I am not familiar with different banking policies regarding this.) Ironically I currently bank at Suntrust, which holds my Personal, Equity line, business accounts. I was with another bank but got flanked with fees for my business account, so I switched over, now it is easy to move money on-line from my equity line, business and personal bank accounts.


~ by debt2dreams on February 11, 2009.

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