A Success Story….

I work with clients all the time but I love to hear feedback as to how things are going after I give suggestions and get them set up on a plan, over the weekend I received this email from one of my clients, it gets me fired up just reading it.

I did GREAT at the grocery store yesterday and I’m still soooo excited about it!! I spent $152 and I got TONS of stuff. I walked away with plenty of snacks, enough milk for the week, (why she mentions this, is they always have to go back to the store during the week because they run out of milk, of course she picks up this and picks up that and all of a sudden she drops $60 on a quick trip to the store) filled holes where we needed stuff and have a meal set for every night of this week. I.am.AMAZED at how easy and quick it was in the grocery store since I had an actual list that included meal plans so I didn’t have to really think and shop and continually add unnecessary stuff to my cart!!! I only got two items that were not on my list and it was fruits. I can’t wait to sit down this afternoon and get my meals online so that I can establish a list for future and continue to add to it.
I know you are proud! Heck, even the cahier (an older lady) was impressed – she was like “how many is in your family? And I was like 5. She goes, that’s impressive, only $150 for a family of five. Heck I see people come in here and drop $250 – $300 nothing flat.” “Course, she continued, they buy a lot of high dollar items and a lot of pre-packaged snacks!” I’m like, “I’m usually one of those but with the economy, I’m trying to be good and plan menus and feed my family less crap, all the while trying to save a buck or two”. Of course I also planned around the bogo’s too. And what I already had in my freezer and storage.

I paid Wachovia the extra $1100 and don’t feel pinched at all. And yes, I am WAY excited. Wishing I had been more disciplined on all levels and more focused as I feel that I am right now. ^_^

The extra payment is because she is now using the D2D Money Calendar, so she was able to put a huge chunk down on debt and know that she has enough money until the next payday. It really is a great tool and can give you the assurance that everything is covered, but with getting rid of the money towards paying down debt as soon as she is paid, she now knows what she has and what she needs to get to the next paycheck, it is sort of living paycheck to paycheck, but with AMAZING results.

~ by debt2dreams on February 9, 2009.

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