A Media vacation?

It has come up again recently that if you want to make yourself feel better emotionally about this whole recession thing…..turn off the news. Go on a media vacation, don’t read the headlines. Since there is such a barage of media coverage these days, you can get it from a newspaper, TV, blackberry, computer homepage, phone, it is everywhere you turn. Turn it off, or at least tune it out if possible. Try it for 24 hours, 48 hours. Spend time with friends, family, kids, whatever keeps you away from the media. See what happens. There have been studies done about how better attitudes can be, depression fades, spirits lighten.

I did this years ago and never went back to local news on TV, it was usually murders, children missing, accidents. So I swore off TV news years ago, now I go on the internet and skim the newspaper and headlines on CNN and skip over things that aren’t of interest or just too depressing to read.

Try it and let us know how it goes for you.


~ by debt2dreams on February 4, 2009.

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