Headlines, Media and the economy

Head lines–sectors are shedding jobs. What I would like to see are the numbers from 2005 and 2009, in these sectors as far as employee levels. I believe the numbers are flowing with how all sectors were expanding with the housing bubble, now they are contracting with the burst of that bubble. My guess is that we are near back to 2005 levels or will be once everyone is finished shedding jobs. One headline, is Catapiller is shedding jobs, the media is making it sound like this is a huge shock, well the construction has all but dried up so the residual business will follow suit, this is not rocket science. Also I was reading that the small private jet makers are concerned….dah….of course that sector should be contracting, that excess life style is on its way out, and I am sure the market is flooded with re-sales right now. I would hope that this type of contraction did not come as a complete suprise, as with the American cars/trucks, that are lower MPG then the foreign companies, with gas prices soaring mid-2008 they had to see that the market was turning. Interesting the grocery stores, staple products, lower end retail, lower end restaurants, they are all becoming more viable in this economy. Think about what sector your job is in, look at the environment, we have in our individual situation and are realistic about what could come, we are making contingency plans and adjusting now for what could come, that isn’t being a doom and gloomer that the media is being, that is stepping back and being realistic. No lay-off at this point should be a shock, you need to know where you stand and start making back up plans if the contraction comes your way.

Is there a sector that is shedding jobs right now that is a suprise? Since we only hear what the media is spoon feeding us and what we actually see around us, I would like to hear about individuals that have been layed-off, in what sectors and if it was a shock or if they knew it was coming?


~ by debt2dreams on February 2, 2009.

3 Responses to “Headlines, Media and the economy”

  1. I heard about the 26K lay-offs in the pharmaseutical (sp?) industry – Phizer was it? Anyway, I was curious why the drug industry was laying off – people still need medications right?

  2. One other interesting fact: the carbohydrate industry is flourishing and is seeing record sales that they haven’t seen in years as a result of the economy. Foods like pasta, rice and breads help stretch the grocery bill. Since the high protein craze that’s been going on in recent years, the carb industry is taking a backseat. So it’s interesting to see how some venues are thriving in these hard times while others are now taking a backseat.

  3. That is weird about the pharms….I wonder why that is? Anyone know?

    Makes sense about the carbs….they are cheaper and filling, I know someone at Coca-Cola and she said that OJ sales are great…so I am guessing most grocery items are taking a bump since people are shopping more and eating out less.

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