A Lesson Learned….From a Card Game?

This sounds so funny but I have learned a valuable lesson from a card game. When I am feeling overwhelmed or want to motivate myself I go on the computer and play a game of Free Cell, it clears my head and helps me to focus and get back on track with my task list. I know seems pretty crazy but it is an effective way for me to get moving. Anyway, I digress. Onto my Ah-ha moment. I learned about 1-2 months ago that every game is winable, meaning that if you get stuck you can undo every move until you start the game over if desired. So now in the back of my head I know that I won’t lose a game, I may have to back up a few times but I can’t lose! Suprisingly, I very seldom now have to back up and try again. I have harnessed the belief that it is impossible to lose and it has brought amazing results. Wow, what would happen if I applied this concept to life in general and my goals or ideas that I have, yes perhaps I may have to back up a few steps and sometimes even go all the way back to the beginning but if I know from the start that everything is “winable” that is empowering. It goes back to the concept of fear holding us back from many things that we could do, but the fear of failure looms over us and stops us from even starting our “dream”. So if all things are “winable”, what would/will you go after? Remember backing up and re-doing is okay…..


~ by debt2dreams on January 29, 2009.

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