Don’t Procrastinate….Just Do it!

Okay so what do we all have at the back of our heads come Jan-Feb, but we always find something else that really needs to be done more, or we just don’t find time to get around to it? TAXES!! The silly thing is, once we do this task we always feel so much better and in most cases we get money back or don’t owe as much as we thought. So why do most Americans procrastinate preparing for their taxes? It is human nature, fear of the unknown, wanting to get everything we can but not knowing how to do it perfect so if we wait long enough, whatever we do will be “good enough” because we are up against a deadline. The last one is mine, with my personal deductions and business, there is always something more I should have recorded or put down for more deductions. This last year, I have been better, everyday on my task list, I have to do something in my Expense Log, so I am better prepared then any other year, but there are still the holes and of course it is the perfectionist/procrastinator in me that doesn’t just jump into it as I really should for the amount of refund I should be getting. So with that being said, get those papers together, most cases if you have an over the phone verbal figure or calculation or digital number start plugging things in now. The hard copies can come later since most people electronically file and get their money by automatic deposit. Now if you are saying, what if I owe, what is the rush? Well I have also seen that side of the coin, which I must say is a good side since that means you are making more money than others, someone once said I wish I had a Million dollar tax bill each quarter, that would mean I am making one heck of a lot of money to owe that much. But I digress, the earlier you know how much you owe, the easier it is to plan for it prior to having to send out the old dreaded check on April 14th. So whether you are getting a refund or you will have to write a check, don’t procrastinate, start today by getting all your income numbers together. Then over the weekend get all your deductions together. Then take the plunge. Some people have the software and do it themselves, others go to someone. I personally go to the same nice lady that I have gone to for years, I take all my papers and numbers, she updates all the numbers since I am in her computer from year to year, I write her a check for her services (great prices by the way), she gets my direct deposit info and by the time I walk out of there, it is sent and I know exactly what I will be getting back in my account in a couple weeks OR an envelope and slip that tells me what kind of check I have to write out on April 14th. In future posts I will put together some deductions that you probably have heard of but they will refresh your memory as you are working out those taxes. Anyone have some good deductions they want to share, I will give a free 2009 D2D Money Calendar(29.95 value) for anyone who comments back with a tax deduction idea.


~ by debt2dreams on January 28, 2009.

One Response to “Don’t Procrastinate….Just Do it!”

  1. An update, doing this entry motivated me to get moving…I set up an appointment with my tax lady (created my deadline), which helped me wrap up my prep work and my taxes are now electronically filed and my auto-deposited refund check shoud be in my account in 10-14 days, very exciting! I believe this is the earliest I have ever filled. We are putting a large portion towards debt but a nice little chunk we will be using to stimulate the economy since it was larger than anticipated.

    So go out and do those taxes…even if you owe, it is good to know where you stand so you can plan accordingly for writing out that check on April 14th.

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