The cheapest, cleanest, fastest energy source?

That is a catch phrase that caught my eye, what is it, nuclear? Wind? Solar? Clean coal? None of the above. Interesting, I was reading an article in Time, the Title “Wasting our watts, We don’t need new drilling or new power plants. We need to get efficient”. I thought, I have to read this. Reading the article, it went on to say that if we would make an effort to make what we already have more efficient we will actually drop world energy demand by 20% by 2020, this was in the article so I didn’t pull this out of thin air. So the current technologies that are around today could do that? Wow, that is pretty amazing. How? was my next question. It went into the inefficiency of homes, buildings, heating/cooling systems, light bulbs, cars, the electric grids. That there is a tug of war, builders/landlords don’t consider the owner/renter electric bills, they look at material costs, so it is not a win/win, it seems, unless the owner is the builder we will always have a win/lose scenario, meaning they don’t want to have upfront costs to save later on since they won’t be around. So how to fix this? It would be to create the incentive to impliment, I presume we will see tax incentives to weather-proof homes, go solar, get programmable thermostats, buy energy star appliances, swirly bulbs, hybriad cars, there already is some of this in tax code. They also mentioned govt stepping in to make the standards better for auto and building, they have done this in California with good results. Making things more efficient, it cited that the market adjusts and adapts to meet those standards and a good amount of the time to make things cheaper both upfront and in the long term. Since this has been a theme for PE Obama, he is trying to make his stimilus package a win/win for both the short-term(creating jobs, putting money in consumer hands) and long-term (saving envirnoment, getting us off foreign oil, creating new “energy economy”). Only time will tell if this “new economy” will be able to pull us out of the huge deficit that we are creating.


~ by debt2dreams on January 8, 2009.

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