Do you have the discipline? Someone else’s resolution

Interesting I was reading other people’s money resolutions, this is a great one that I think would be a great way to help people pay down their debt, help save the environment and protect them from future increases. What do you think it could be? Here it is….whenever you fill your gas tank, you take the exact amount you put into your gas tank and apply that same amount to your higest debt. So if you go fill up and it costs you $25, then you would jot that down and when you go home you would pay $25 to your highest debt if you pay on line or write a check and send it off. Since gas has been more than halved in the last 6 months, you were surviving paying more than double what you are now for gas so why not put that money into your pocket instead of the gas companies. So everytime you are filling up, you will be doubling the amount at the pump. You will be suprised to see how fast you will see a dent. That money would have been going into your tank 6 months ago anyway so why not? Write in comments if you do this one OR if you have another creative, easy way for us to start knocking down our debt.


~ by debt2dreams on January 6, 2009.

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