5 “Must Do”‘s for 2009

Okay everyone has lists for the new year so I won’t be any different….things you may want to consider doing in 2009. If you don’t do them, I won’t lose any sleep over it….but you may, do them so you can sleep better at night.

1. Remove any credit cards from your wallet that you cannot pay the full balance off at the end of the month. Yes this may be all of them, and if that is the case, then you really must. Go one step further, put them in a bowl of water and put in freezer so you have to really think about it before you try to use it(usually takes 4-5 hours to thaw, you don’t want to microwave or boil a Credit card strip or it won’t work-or so I have been told, have never tried)
2. Have your resume updated and loaded with the latest hiring lingo, and make a few industry connections outside your current company that you may need if you are let go in your position. Meanwhile at your current position, make yourself indispensible, see post under helpful hints.
3. Organize your finances so that you have “access” to 6 months worth of expenses in case this economy hits your household. See post under Money Challenges, for help with this.
4. Learn what your Cash Flow (Income minus Expenses) and what your Net Worth (Assets minus Liabilities) is.
5. Hug your spouse/kid(s)/family/friends at least once per day and tell them you love them.


~ by debt2dreams on January 3, 2009.

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