New Year Resolution Ideas…

Being that Money is usually in the top 3 of all New Year Resolutions, along side losing weight/exercise and getting life under control. I figured I would give you some suggestions to jump start your list.

*Do one thing per month to better your financial situation, lots of ideas of things to do by going under Helpful Hints.
*Deleverage your balance sheet by 10%, meaning reduce your total liabilities by 10%, this is my personal 2009 Financial Goal. It is definitely a “stretch” goal, but it is something to work towards, even if I don’t hit 10%, 6,7,8% is better than not being focused on it. We are at 8% for 2008, so hopefully we will be able to make the 10% in 2009.
*Increase Cash Flow by 5%. Remember Cash Flow is Income minus Expenses. So this goal is two fold, you can work on increasing income but also can decrease expenses, so this can happen 2 ways. Bonus of this goal is that you than can use the extra Cash Flow to pay down debt.
*Pay off your very highest Credit Card APR or debt that you are currently carrying.
*Go Plastic-Free in 2009, meaning always paying off full balance on Credit card each month. Or not use plastic at all. I personally use the Discover Card to get the Cashback Bonus, but pay off the balance each month.
*Take the plunge in 2009. Submit your information to D2D and see what we can do for you, remember the $150 yearly membership won’t be charged if we can’t save you at least 3 times that amount by just Organizing your Finances AND we don’t put anyone on budgets, we promise.
Anyone else have a Money New Year Resolution that you will be working on?


~ by debt2dreams on December 26, 2008.

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