A practical “Getting back to the Basics” example….

Okay, so I have finally run into an everyday thing that I can apply the “getting back to the basics” philosphy to. What? you may ask, well…. This sounds stupid….but floors, let me save you some money, time, frustration on some cleaning gizmos that I have had the pleasure/displeasure of using. So we have a lot of tile and wood floors in our house. So a couple years back I was complaining to my husband that the floors were driving me crazy, they never stayed clean with 2 little ones running around. Well my husband thought he was being a wonderful husband and went out and got me a Roomba….ah, what a wonderful invention, it did well, whenever I left the house, I just made sure nothing was on the floor and I would start my Roomba and leave. When I got home, I would go find the Roomba (it couldn’t find it’s way home) and put it back, ah, a solution. Well, always a flip side, after a year or so of usuage, grant you I probably ran that thing everyday somewhere in the house, but I very faithfully cleaned it as instructed. There is a reason why it only has a 1 year warranty, almost like clockwork the thing started acting up, we did the troubleshooting and it said the battery needed to be replaced, well we forked out $50 for the battery, worked for say another 2 months and it died again. At this point I was totally frustrated. Then I tried one of the sweeper things, that doesn’t pick up so well, everything gets pushed into corners. So after a few years of gadgets, guess what I am using for the floors and they are looking great…one of those broom and bucket things you see at Disney. So at least I don’t have to bend over, and I just go and sweep up where I see things and move on. Go figure after all that I went back to the old broom and dust pan. So let me save all the time and grief on all these nifty gadgets, go back to the basics, it is really the only thing that works. We will see if the same holds true for the Steam Mop, now that is definitely a keeper….for now, as long as it can hold up to the usuage. The cool thing about the Steam Mop is that it doesn’t require cleaner or anything fancy, you put water in it, plug it in, you put on a mop head and start mopping, the motion you make creates more steam and you just buzz over the floor, not needing to go back to the sink. It isn’t too wet nor too dry. After you finish, I clean the mop head by hand to get the major dirt out then throw it in the wash. Now if someone has the solution to cleaning grout, please help, I have tried the carpet cleaner attachment, the brissels are just to soft to get the grout. The only thing I have found is a Grout brush and a bottle of bleach/water mixture and a rag to dry it up after I scrub. Of course we paid a small fortune to have someone come in and “seal” the grout….waste of money, it still gets dirty and you still have to get down on your hands and knees to clean it. Anybody ever use the grout cleaning service people advertise? What do they use? I am sure they don’t come in and get on their hands and knees and scrub for you. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


~ by debt2dreams on December 16, 2008.

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