The Santa Visit….

Some say we get what we create… Well, I believe my husband and I are doing pretty good in that department, so far so good. We are trying to teach our kids how to be fiscially sound, by not focusing on the material things. How you may ask do we do this with a 3 and 5 yr old’s? Let me give you a small but significant example. It is setting yourself and your children up for success. So Christmas season can be stressful and exhausting to say the least. We have set up some small but nice Christmas traditions. One being, we always have to go to the International Plaza to see that Santa and go in their big SnowGlobe, very cool by the way, we make it a day and splurge with Lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. This is how Mommy set us up for a complete success this year. So about 2 weeks prior to our Annual trip to see Santa, Tori was looking at a flyer that came in the mail, from the Dollar General of all places(she did have a Walmart ad prior to this but I seized the moment), I said, “you know we are going to go see Santa and you have to tell him exactly what you want” she of course replied “everything”. I said, “No Santa can’t get you everything, pick one special thing that you want from him and he will bring it Christmas Eve, but just one because there are lots of little boys and girls out there.” Oh did they mull over the $3-5 sheets of gifts, it was quite a decision to make for both. Take note, the significance of this little exercise, money was not the factor, it was the excitement, the planning, the anticipation of it all. After much diliberation and choosing it was finally decided on a doll head (one of those beauty things)-$5 for my daughter and an ambulance-$5 for my son. I do have to say that my children have inherited toys, books and clothes from wonderful friends, neighbors and family so they aren’t in need of anything. If we were slim on clothes, books or educational things I would probably lean towards those catagories, but this was a fun little thing that we have done and I believe we will continue to do. So of course we went off to see Santa over the weekend, each knowing exactly what they wanted. It was so awesome, the Santa really helped also, he for some reason took the time with Tyler and Tori talked for probably a minute and half and said that love and family are the most important parts of Christmas and that you must “believe”. It was a very “none commerical” sentiment. A few days prior Tyler and I were talking and I asked “Why do we have Christmas?” He shrugged his shoulders, as most 5 year olds would do. I said it is to Celebrate Jesus’ Birthday and that because Jesus is so special, everyone gets presents. So now, if I ask him Why do we have Christmas, he says the famous line “Jesus is the reason for the Season.” Very nice…. You are saying to yourself, but you can’t just have one present each under the tree, we will let you know how it goes. We are also planning on filling stockings with some fruit, gum, coloring books, some trinket things we can find at the dollar store. They will love it all, they are easy to please if you set yourself up for success. We will also be having fun with all sorts of Christmas activities like the Children’s Christmas Service at Church, visiting Great Grandma, visiting Grandma and Grandpa. We are also going to be planning a “special Christmas Breakfast”, I don’t know what we will do yet, we will let you know.

We went through the big deal a couple of weeks ago of decorating the house inside and out, we are finally set after a few years of “want lists” of decorations, every year there would be something we saw for the house, well we would wait until the day after Christmas then go get everything we wanted for 1/2 price. That is a great way to get what you want a little cheaper, and it is super fun to pull down the decorations and find brand new decorations that you forgot about. Anyway I digress, so it was a very big deal for the kids to help with the decorating and you can tell with our tree, anyone who knows me probably would say I am a bit on the “perfectionist” side, but everyone would be proud that I have not rearranged one ornament that the kids put on the tree, I did ask if I could “help” put some ornaments on the top of the tree or we would have had a 1/2 naked tree. But I haven’t changed the clusters or ornament overload areas of the tree either. It has also become Tyler’s self-proclaimed job to put the Christmas lights on all over the house and turn Christmas music on whenever he enters the house. It is such a cute thing. Our latest addition we have made, a note after we visited Santa. The note is hanging on the front door, it says, “Santa, you can come in the front door”. And it is signed Tyler and Tori. How this came about was from a discussion the other night. We were all sitting around the tree, the fire was still going since Daddy and the kids did Marshmallows over the fire. Well Tori decided that Santa didn’t have to come down the chimney, that he could just come through the door. Daddy tried to convince her that Santa came down the chimney but she said no, he can just come through the door. I guess this is the stuff the memories come from…..not how many presents are under the tree Chrismas morning. Anybody else have some Christmas Memory builders you would like to share?


~ by debt2dreams on December 15, 2008.

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