Cheap gas not luring back drivers

This was the headline on CNN this afternoon, I was not suprised, I thought it was ironic since I was just talking about this with a client. Gas is half of what it was 5 months ago, I find that amazing that it can turnaround that fast. But once our household started to make adjustments to cut down on gas consumption we just haven’t gone back, we are just appreciating the cheap fill-ups we have been having. Interesting, as I read the article it talked about how the Highway Trust Fund is being weakened by less consumption, since, the “funds” come from a gas tax. Anybody know how much currently goes per gallon for the Highway Trust Fund? The article goes on to say that things will have to be looked at since the improvement to the highway system is contingent on more gas consumption which would be in direct contradiction of lowering emissions and being more green. This would be another one of those buried little things that would encourage the government not to get excited about raising the requirements for car companies to raise the MPG on vehicles. Interesting, I wonder if PE Obama was given the rundown that his ideas to get us off foreign oil will contradict with his other plan to fix America’s Infrastructure. But I guess that means the “gas tax” portion that is used for the Highway Trust Fund will be raising. I wonder by how much? It will be interesting to watch.


~ by debt2dreams on December 12, 2008.

One Response to “Cheap gas not luring back drivers”

  1. I am quite certain our friends in D.C. will find a way to make up for whatever losses they may see in gas taxes. 🙂

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