For first time on record, Americans reduce their debt levels, government reports.

This is the headline I read when I open up the internet this afternoon, (CNN automatically opens so I see the latest when I jump on the internet).   This is “Breaking News” on CNN.  No story or follow up yet, but I am dying to see how they pulled this up and what kind of spin they will be putting on this story.  Is this a good thing or is it a bad thing?  I think it is a great thing, but that is because I take the micro approach to society and their money vs. the macro look.  Meaning individuals and their situations.  Now others will look at this as a bad thing, I am interested to see what the government stand is on this, why?  You may ask.  If Americans are reducing debt that means that people are not spending on goods and services, which technically is bad for the “economy”.   But as I said, I look at it from the little guys, we need to start looking out for ourselves since there is no “bailout” on the way for us.  We as a society have been trained to be consumers and we have become very good at it 🙂    Don’t get me wrong I want the economy to grow, just a little meaner, a little greener and a little more equal for the little guys, meaning the little guys aren’t in hock up to our chins and become slaves to our debt.  So I am going out of my comfort zone here and doing something new, I have added a Poll, aren’t you impressed 🙂


~ by debt2dreams on December 11, 2008.

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