Who Moved My Cheese?

Have you heard of this book?    Years ago, when in Corporate America I was given the book with  the entire company and we were expected to read it.   It was read, discussed and put up on the shelf.  Well low and behold, I was reading Time magazine and there is an article about the book, it is the best selling business book of all time, with 22 million copies sold in 37 languages.  Well I decided that I better pull that book back out since I couldn’t remember what the basics were.  It is a very easy read, probably less than an hour to read.  It talks about 2 mice Sniff and Scurry and 2 little humans Hem and Haw.  It is based in a maze, where they have to go and find their “cheese”.  Finally the cheese is found, Hem and Haw get real comfortable, so comfortable that they don’t notice the pile is dwindling, one day the cheese is gone.  Well of course, Sniff(smells out new paths) and Scurry(takes action) go off to find new cheese which they do, and it is even better then the old stash, they are very happy but know that one day again, they will be off again looking for more cheese.  Meanwhile, Hem and Haw are freaking out at the old station, can’t believe it could happen to them, they think it is unfair, that it was done to them, that they deserve better.  Well after some days, Haw finally comes to his senses and says they must go on, except Hem will not let go of the “old”.  Finally Haw can’t do it anymore and can’t convince Hem, so off he must go on his own, he is scared and is tempted to go back but knows there is nothing back there for him, he must go on.  It is hard and tough and scary but eventually he finds the new “cheese” station that is even better than the last and finds Sniff and Scurry happy as can be.  He sat back and thought if only I hadn’t waited so long to go looking for new cheese, I could have got to this place sooner.  But he learned his lesson, he would be mindful of his surroundings, checking for changes in the cheese stash, is it shrinking? do we have to start looking for other new cheese?  how long will the supply last?  Haw would think about Hem, wondering if he will ever see Hem again, but says he can’t sit and wait, he must look forward.  The biggest lesson I learned (again) from the book that I have now written on my board, “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”  So ask that question of yourself.  Remember, baby steps.  See what that change has in store for you….some better cheese perhaps?   Does anybody have a great “cheese” story?


~ by debt2dreams on December 8, 2008.

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