Interesting Motivation Technique….

So a friend and I were talking on the phone the other day, she was saying she has gotten off track with everything–exercise, diet, money, house, computer, to do list, the whole enchilidea, I said, I am going through the same thing, I thought it was just me.  I didn’t know if it was just with the holidays, everything needing to be done, you get to the point of being overwhelmed and then you just get in a rut and nothing gets done.  Well we decided on that phone call to steer ourselves out of the ditch.  How you ask?  Well we started by getting off the phone and started with cleaning up the house, one room at a time, mixing in short exercise stints, drinking water, planning healthy snacks and meals.   Throughout all this progress we are emailing each other telling one another our progress and giving words of encouragement.  I so didn’t want to do what she was suggesting to do next and I am sure it was vice versa for her but we knew the other was on the other end working just as hard, so I kept plodding and she kept plodding and we worked ourselves right out of our funk.  Amazing!!!  Since then both of us are slowly getting things in our lives put back in orderly fashion and feeling much better as we are rolling into the holidays.   So lessons learned from all this, use the buddy system in your life.  Find someone to “work with” to slug through things with.  On any level this can help you, if you can’t think of a single person, email me, I will help you stay accountable, or I will get you connected with someone else that is looking for an accountability partner.  I promise you, it is well worth it to stay on top of your world, whatever it may be.    Anybody else have a motivation technique that helps get things done?


~ by debt2dreams on December 7, 2008.

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