Rich Dad, Poor Dad…What other money books are out there?

Have you ever heard of this book or the other Rich Dad books by Robert Kiyosaki?  They are the purple books that you may see in the local bookstore in the business/money section of the store.  Good stuff, I have a lot of his books and even have the Cashflow 101 and 202 games.  If you ever want to be a money geek and would like to set up a game night, let me know.  I read lots of other money books, from Suze Ormann and David Bach, and other less popular names.  I know you are thinking….”what a freak, that is what she reads?”  I like to read different perspectives on money, how people handle it, how people manage it, how people accumulate more, I guess one thing I have learned is you can make a lot of money if you write a book 🙂  But seriously, these “main-stream” money “gurus” all do things just a little different, everyone has a twist and I learn a little something from every book I read.  I don’t always agree with what they may be “perscribing” but it is always good to look at them and then form your own opinion.  My latest read is the Rich Dad Prophecy book.  I have had this book several years and have picked up the book and started reading it numerous times, funny thing, it has been a very difficult book to read, for one, it has some pretty scary stuff in it, hard to face stuff.  Reason why I have started reading it again, it has been in the spotlight, since what was written is coming to the surface again.  Would love to hear if anyone else has read this and what their take is on the book.  Feel free to add comments below.  Or if you have other money books that you felt were worthwhile reads, would love to hear about them since I am always on the look out for good money books.


~ by debt2dreams on December 1, 2008.

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