What Paulsen is proposing now…..

For the Economy, jobs is the right way to go.  I hope and pray for Obama and his team to get this up and running ASAP, this is what America needs. This Paulsen thing with Loans and freeing up money for loans, I have been doing lots of research and reading and it was a totally wise move to free up the commerical paper markets.  The next move was to pump money into banks so they loan out money…..this is where it is confusing, we are “slapping the hands” of banks for writing bad loans and that they are now adhering to stricker guidelines of borrowing but then we get on them for not borrowing out more money, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.  Maybe the people who aren’t getting loans shouldn’t be getting loans in the first place.  I personally have not had issues getting additional loans and lines of credit, or credit cards.  But I also have a 770 credit score.  Those that hover at 550-600, should they be extended additonal credit, if I were a bank I wouldn’t be lending in that situation.   Now on the other hand the banks have a lot of opportunity for helping the people, if the govt could make them lower the APR’s from the crazy rates they are charging on CC’s and the toxic ARM’s, now that would help the common people, not access to more loans with very ugly terms!  Has anybody been denied credit in the last 2 months where they could have gotten it 6 months ago?


~ by debt2dreams on November 26, 2008.

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