Something Interesting I read in Time…..

And I quote, “Saving is cool right now.  Conspicuous consumption is out, and people have lost their passion to buy.”  This was in an article about retail and “Black Friday”.  It was interesting in the sense that what I had written about Christmas a couple weeks back was basically what they covered in the article.  Retailers bringing back lay-away, bringing out Christmas things prior to even Halloween, trying to stretch the “holiday season” and people not as eager to bring out the plastic this year.  But getting back to the quote, I don’t think it is the case of saving is “cool” but more of a necessity of deleveraging, remember that is paying down debt.  I think people have started making the decision to get their debt under control, which has not been the case for the last few years, our family included.  As for losing the passion to buy, heck no, I am pretty frugal, but I have a passion to buy all the time, I just have to make the money decision to buy or not to buy.  These days it is more the case, I need to deleverage more than I need XXXXX, (fill in the blank).  I will blog about a technique that my husband and I use that helps us to still get those things we really want but also work hard on our deleveraging goals.


~ by debt2dreams on November 23, 2008.

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