What to do to keep yourself off the “lay-off” list

If there are not whispers at your work about lay-offs I am sure you are a very happy person.  If you are in the other 80%, the companies,either that have already gone through lay-offs or have the potential to have lay-offs, or maybe you just made it through the first round.  Time to start looking ahead, I don’t want to sound pessimistic but practical at this point.   When you are getting handed the pink slip, that is not the time to stand up and show everything you have done for the company, this is not a time to be humble about your contributions to your team/company.  At this point, most if not all are looking for ways to cut costs, be a champion of this, can you point out areas that there are cost saving opportunities, maybe looking outside the box at a different way of doing things then they always have been done to save costs/time.  If there are ways, start requesting of your boss to make a list or maybe even a board on the wall, “Money this dept has saved….”  and start listing the things you have done to save the company money (and how much if possible), and go to the next level and put the name of the team member who suggested the money making idea.  This is especially helpful if your direct manager is not making the lay-off decisions, it can really create team spirit and show the higher  ups that you have a strong team that they need to keep around for when this economy turns around.  Also this is not a time to say, “that is not my job”.  This is a time to say, “what can I do to help you?”, in those instances make sure that those decision makers know your contributions and your cross-training abilities.  Which comes to the next point, is there an opportunity to cross-train, it is easier to release someone who only knows one area vs. someone who can do several different things for the company.  Now I am not saying brown-nose or kiss XXXX, I am saying work hard, save costs, and as I always like to say “stand up and say your name”, make the decision makers know that you are worth keeping around.  Anybody else have some suggestions of how to keep our jobs through this economy.


~ by debt2dreams on November 20, 2008.

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