Something funny I read on CNN, see the link below




The agony of seven days without spending –*

Of course somthing with this title would catch my eye, so I had to read it.  It had some interesting points and a funny read.  It is ironic that every which way I turn I have been seeing this theme of no spending, I believe the author learned his lesson that there is a difference between smart about your spending and being an “idiot” as he calls it.  So I would say a “no spending” day would be a bit more realistic.  My husband and I are trying the M-W-F no spending this week, we will let you know how it goes.  Since we gas up and do our shopping, errands and other things on the weekend, we will see what snags we hit doing the M-W-F no spending thing.  Write in the comments if you have tried the “no spending” day and how it went for you.





~ by debt2dreams on November 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “Something funny I read on CNN, see the link below”

  1. So far so good this week, on Monday we didn’t spend….

  2. Okay, so we are getting into the “idiot” mode, 3 days a week is tough. But it also doesn’t make sense to miss out on things because of the no spending rules. My husband saw gas 9 cents cheaper in Orlando and gased up since he was getting low anyway and gas was much cheaper. That makes sense. Not so smart spending, we had to make a special trip to the grocery store because he didn’t let me know he volunteered one of my specific dishes for a “pot luck” at work….bad planning. But we are learning…. This process makes you more aware of when it is wise to “hold off” but also to plan better and to know when it just doesn’t make sense to not spend, ie gas for cheap…. So I encourage everyone to try and do this, it makes even us frugal types know the difference between looking like an “idiot” and/or just being smarter about what you spend all the time. So we may just table that MWF idea but one day a week is totally doable…

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