Goals, where to start?

Goals seems pretty steep for one blog entry, so we will be breaking it up into smaller chunks.  Hundreds of “experts” say that the number one thing to do to make sure your goals actually happen are to write them down.  Get on paper what your goals and maybe even your dreams are.  Think big, think perfect world.  The more specific the better, “Retiring” isn’t enough, when do you want to retire and what are you going to do in retirement?  This helps keep you focused the more specific the better you will be at attaining it.  Then of course prioritize them and categorize the goals into long term/short term.  You may only have long term goals, we should knock those down to smaller bites maybe into every year, so that you have short-term goals that are attainable.  To get that “dream/goal”, the next step is what can I do now to getting me closer to that end goal.   Maybe it is to pay off a credit card this year.   An example of a goal we have is to cut our liabilities by 10% per year.  There are many ways to break down your goals.  Looking at your Financial Statement, you could increase your cash flow (income-expenses).  Or perhaps increase your Net Worth (assets-liabilities).  Once you do that, then get even more broken down, decrease your expenses by $100(see the 30 day challenge entry to help with this), or even smaller increments, create a day or two each week for “No Spending”.   Once you start this process it becomes a snowball factor, one gain rolls into others and soon you are well on your way to that “Dream” you wrote down.  If you need help putting a plan together once you have your goals written down,   just contact me and I will help you do that.


~ by debt2dreams on November 16, 2008.

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