What is she going to do for you?

That was what one client was asked when he told his mother that he was going to speak to a “Financial Organizer”.  The reply from my client, “I don’t know, maybe she knows something I don’t know, we’ll see, if she can’t help me I don’t have to pay her, what do I have to lose”.  That was a conversation that occurred before my client sent over his information and I began suggesting things that could be moved around and changed to practically eliminate interest he was paying on his outstanding debt.  “What, I won’t have a car payment?”  “What?  I can triple my cash flow?  That is impossible.”  “My wife could stay home with our child?   I don’t believe you”.  I said okay, try this…and this…..and this….and this, let’s see what happens once this all settles out, then we will take another look.”  See if there is anything we can tweak, see if we are closer to that end goal of getting your wife retired.  If we aren’t we will put you on a 3-5 year goal to make that happen depending how far off we are in our goals.  Easy enough, you just have to decide, “What do I want to do?”.  Granted not all cases may be as easy as this, but this client never believed I could do anything for him to begin with, now he is a couple years away from something he didn’t think was possible.  I had also previously done this with another client.  After I was finished doing my thing, their cash flow, essentially did not change, from before when both worked, to where the mom got to stay home with kids.  It then was the decision for the Mom, can I leave my career, can I stay home, will I be challenged enough, will I get bored?  Her decision was yes to stay home, it took a few months of transition and to emotionally let go of her career but she hasn’t regretted it.    I know it is hard to understand, my most recent client still can’t believe it can be done, but we just have to work on his situation and see how it all settles out.  We’ll keep you posted.


~ by debt2dreams on November 12, 2008.

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