–what is this?

I have to say…I am stunned speechless…..I just was on CNN and am amazed to see, President-Elect Obama has now created a website,,  where you can give your very own thoughts as to what YOU think should be done for America….     It doesn’t matter who you voted for on Nov 4th.    To be able to  actually go to a website and put into words what we want for this country.  Here is an opportunity to voice the hot button issues that you may have personally had during the election, that made you vote the way you voted–healthcare, education, taxes, small business, stem cell research, abortion, gay rights, going green, Wall Street, the 700B bailout, supreme court justices, the deficit, big business, gas prices, WHATEVER, those are the things the next President needs to hear, get out there and use your voice America!  I hope they have a big server, they are going to need it if Americans take the Government up on their offer to let their voices be heard.

~ by debt2dreams on November 10, 2008.

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