A Sunday afternoon activity–De-Cluttering your house and improving your finances

I was reading a magazine article and it suggested once per week you go around your house and fill a bag of garbage and a bag for donations, or fill a bag as you go throughout the week.  Could be clothes, books, toys, garage stuff, attic, anything.  Then I thought, well that is a good way of doing it, find something/anything, not asking you to do the whole house or even a daunting closet, just a bag, that is doable right?  Before you know it, you are scraping around to find stuff, things that you may not have touched for years, and all of a sudden you make the decision to pitch or donate so that you can fill that bag.  Make this a Sunday afternoon activity, but I will change that a bit, fill a bag for donation OR trash AND do something for your finances.  Just one little thing, call a CC to see if you can lower a rate, research bundling phone/internet/TV, do an energy audit with your electric company, make a budget for Christmas spending, replace a regular bulb with a swirly bulb.  Anything, it may seem small just a check on the list, but as things add up you will start seeing a difference.  Comment in and tell us what you did this week.


~ by debt2dreams on November 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “A Sunday afternoon activity–De-Cluttering your house and improving your finances”

  1. I combined my phone service with cable.
    I moved some money into savings.
    I cancelled my sprint long distance as a follow up.
    I spruced up my laundry room.
    AND I caught up on laundry!!!

  2. Wow…you have been busy! Great job, what is next? Next week we are going to try the no spending challenge for M-W-F, we will post how it goes. I also like the Tip from that 30 day challenge to drop one subscription, just one…

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