Client Discovery–Helps explain what has been happening, something to listen to and digest, WOW!

A Client recently sent me this link with the following message:

I found this interesting.  Since you’re a financial mind, you may enjoy it as well.

        Well, it took me a couple of days to get to this but WOW, pretty impactful stuff.  It helps explain a little bit of what has been going on in our financial markets, in pretty clear terms.  It explains better in less than an hour what the media has been unable/unwanting to explain for the last 2 weeks.

 Here is my response back to that client:

          Wow, they talked about those credit default swaps, that stuff is scary.  I hope Paulsen knows what he is doing, that is what he did last week, he threw 200B into the Commercial Paper Market….which means he didn’t “use” 200B he is just tying it up until the market frees up again….that is encouraging, and totally makes sense, we are so lucky that this happened, this could have been disastrous if the Commercial Paper Market was not infused with cash, it would have froze our economy, yikes! That also ties into why XXXXX(a Huge Corp that we know) pulled down 900M from an equity line, they couldn’t get their hands on the overnight money….and didn’t want to chance not having money, sort of what we are doing. If all business entities, the government and all individuals started thinking this way, everyone would look at things differently, think before they spent, made sure they had access to money and put together contingency plans, our economy would straighten itself up.  Mind you, it will be a slower economy but a more responsible and secure society, meaning that we would be less dependent on borrowed money.


It is something for each individual to think about and to start taking action and responsibility for ourselves.  Feel free to comment/email or call with any questions on what all this means.


~ by debt2dreams on October 18, 2008.

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